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Blockchain Gaming. Winning Real Money! Sounds awesome, right? Well it’s true. We are revolutionizing the gaming space on the blockchain. Become a holder of JR, and you may be able to retire and play games for a living. Thousands of people already have…..

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The most innovative blockchain gaming company on the planet (and beyond).

SCROOGE JR is the second token of the SCROOGE Ecosystem. SCROOGE JR holders are rewarded with Binance-Pegged USD ($BUSD), a popular cryptocurrency that is pegged one-to-one with the United States Dollar (USD).

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SCROOGE JR plays a large role in the SCROOGE Arcade and Franchise Gaming. Buy directly from the site or on PancakeSwap.

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Be a Diamond-Handed Hodler. The rest of the community is. We HODL, WE WIN!

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Not only do JR holders enjoy automatic BUSD rewards, they also gain free access to play the SCROOGE Arcade, win free prizes, and a lot more!


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Scrooge Junior Contract Address:

Scrooge Junior is available exclusively on Binance Smart Chain.



SCROOGE JR is a hyper-deflationary rewards crypto token launched exclusively on the Binance Smart Chain. This token was birthed from a desire for passive income and a love of gaming. Learn how JR functions below.


of every Scrooge Jr buy/sell transaction is redistributed to all holders in the form of Binance-Pegged BUSD.


of every transaction is transferred into the PancakeSwap liquidity pool to create a stable price floor.


of every transaction is transferred into the smart contract for ecosystem development.


of every transaction is transferred into the smart contract for Scrooge Arcade rewards.


Play the Original SCROOGE COINS Mini Game.


Avoid Robots, Collect Coins, Become the SCROOGE COIN CHAMPION. 



The SCROOGE Ecosystem

Welcome to the SCROOGE Family. This video is to simply explain how the entire SCROOGE Ecosystem works together to benefit our holders in the most extensive way possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cryptocurrency is a form of digital asset that can be used for transactions, and storing value, based on cryptographic encryption supplied by the blockchain technology, which are visible to all individuals on public ledgers. Nowadays, many companies and individuals use it as a source of fund-raising for their personal or corporate projects in a manner similar to crowdfunding.  

Gas fees are relatively small fees that you have to pay when you are signing a transaction on the blockchain. The fees depend on the network on which you are making a transaction and can vary between different chains. Nonetheless, fees are always paid in the native token of the chain; hence, always make sure you have 0.003 BNB left when you are making transactions on Binance Smart Chain to sign transactions when necessary.

Hot wallet is an online ledger in the blockchain in which you can store your cryptos. However, as they are always connected to a device online, they may be more prone to hacking or phishing attempts. Therefore, storing your cryptos in a Cold wallet can be a safer approach to protecting your cryptos.

Cold wallets are physical devices in which the twelve mnemonic words that allow access to a wallet can be stored offline. Storing your mnemonic passphrase in these wallets hinders others from accessing your wallet and conducting transactions as the cold wallet device has to be used to sign any transaction on the blockchain from that ledger.

In order to create a wallet, you have to first download a wallet application, such as Safepal, Metamask, or Trustwallet. Make sure you store very securely the 12 or 24 mnemonic words given to you while creating wallet because anyone who has access to those words can easily take away all the content of your wallet. Then you can send BNB to your wallet’s receive address to purchase Scrooge and Scrooge JR.

Reflection coins are tokens that apply a percentage of tax on every purchase, transfer, and sell, which is then offered to holders in the form of the native token, or another token. Some portion of this deducted tax can also be used for other purposes as in the case of funding the Liquidity Pool or Developing the Ecosystem.

Scrooge JR is the second token of the Scrooge Ecosystem. It is a deflationary token released on Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)  which offers 6% BUSD rewards to its holders while allowing access to Scrooge Ecosystem’s Play to Earn Arcade. It will serve as the basis of the Gaming aspect of the Scrooge Coin and will be also used to access upcoming Scrooge games and services related to gaming.

In addition to BUSD rewards, holding Scrooge JR will allow access to our nostalgic Play to Earn Arcade where you can earn Scrooge Coin and Scrooge JR. Holding higher amounts of Scrooge JR will allow you to access more games in the Arcade, offering higher pay.  In the future, holding Scrooge JR will also allow you to play games that are exclusively built for Scrooge Coin Holders.

Scrooge Arcade will be based on a tier system depending upon the amount of Scrooge JR you currently own. You will be able to play games and win Scrooge Coin, access to higher tiers, NFTs, Scrooge merch, and many more depending upon your time spent in the Arcade and scores earned.

Once you connect your wallet to the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) and load it up with BNB, you can easily swap it for Scrooge JR on PancakeSwap by adding the contract number 0x2e9F79aF51dD1bb56Bbb1627FBe4Cc90aa8985Dd, or through connecting your wallet to our website to purchase directly. Our chat assistance bot will conveniently walk you through the process. However, if you still face problems, you can always come find us at our official Telegram at https://t.me/scroogecoingold .

A buy/sell/transfer tax is a percentage tax applied on all these transactions that are deducted from the total amount of the transaction. Coins that apply these taxes generally use a portion of them to cover operational costs, such as marketing or development, as well as offering reflections to those who hold the coin.

Reflections are a percentage of coins that have been taxed during buy/sell/transfer transactions which are then sent to the coin holders as an additional source of passive income for keeping the coin in their portfolio. Many tokens offer reflections in the form of the native token; however, Scrooge JR offers reflections in BUSD, which is Binance’s USD Pegged digital coin. In other words, every buy, sell, and transfer of Scrooge JR allows Scrooge JR holders to earn digital dollars that can easily be reinvested in Scrooge JR. Alternatively you can watch your BUSD’s grow in your account obtaining a supplemental income that is equivalent to cash!

Scrooge JR has a 16% tax on all purchases, sales, and transfers, which is allocated as 6% to be distributed as BUSD rewards to holders, 4% for Arcade Rewards, 4% for Ecosystem Development, and 2% for Liquidity Pool.

Unlike Scrooge, Scrooge JR had a private sale of a portion of tokens that were offered through shilling competitions and raffles among vetted, diamond-handed Scrooge Community members. Afterwards, it was released to public on Pancakeswap.

You don’t have to do anything to receive your BUSD Rewards. Just add Binance Pegged BUSD on Binance Smart Chain BEP20 via the contract 0xe9e7cea3dedca5984780bafc599bd69add087d56 to your wallet and enjoy the raining reflendies.

When trading on Decentralized Exchanges (DEX), such as Pancakeswap, in order to not always look for a counterpart who would like to make the same trade in reverse, traders trade against a liquidity pool so that they can trade instantaneously. In many projects, the team can instantaneously remove the liquidity pool, thereby “rugging,” or “rugpulling” the investors. This liquidity pool being locked by a third party limits the team’s access to the liquidity pool, thereby ensuring that holders and traders can always continue to trade the tokens smoothly.

Yes, the Liquidity Pool is locked with PinkLock for a year, and will be renewed upon expiration.

Just like any investment, Scrooge JR does not guarantee any profit, and the value of your investment may vary depending on market conditions.

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Scrooge Junior Contract Address:

Scrooge Junior is available exclusively on Binance Smart Chain.

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